Social-Emotional Learning 


Are you ready to transform your school with LOVE?

Whether you are looking for help implementing your current SEL curriculum, need the best professional development available, support and coaching for new and struggling teachers, or are looking for a total culture and climate overhaul, I've got you covered. 

I am the jack of all trades when it comes to SEL. From restorative justice and trauma informed practices, to tiered SEL support, teaching, training, coaching and consultation, I've been involved in every aspect of social-emotional learning for the entirety of my educational career, including: 

  • SEL Specialist (developing systems and structures for all-school SEL, teachers, students, and families) 

  • SEL Lead Teacher (Chicago Public Schools)

  • Restorative Practice Discipline Lead (Chicago Public Schools)

  • Professional Development Facilitator (K-12 Schools Nationwide)

  • Teacher Coaching and Support 

  • School Assemblies (The Fingertips Program, 2010 - present) 

  • SEL Curriculum Development and Implementation

  • Administrative Support and Coaching

  • Mental Health and Behavior Team

  • Individual and Small Group Student Support and Counseling

  • Teacher Coaching and Counseling

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Creating MEASURABLE GROWTH, even during a PANDEMIC


Are you ready to see measurable growth in your school? Take a look at the data below from my partner schools, showing consistent increases in all areas of  SEL after just ONE YEAR.  Next year, this could be yours:

  • 65% Decrease in Behavior Misconducts (Chicago Public Schools - Columbia Explorers Academy)* 

  • 17% Increase in Professional Learning about SEL (Adams 12 School District - Westview Elementary)**

  • 6% Increase in Teacher and Student Relationships

  • 6% Increase in Student Growth Mindset

  • 6% Increase in Teacher Self-Reflection 

  • 4% Increase in Positive School Climate for both Teachers and Students

  • 3% Increase in Psychological Safety for Students

  • 2% Increase in Sense of Belonging for Students

  • 1% Increase in Faculty Growth Mindset 

*Data provided by Chicago Public Schools, Columbia Explorers Academy, 2018-2019

**Data provided by Panorama Educator Survey - Adams 12 School District, 2020-2021

When you partner with me, I will:

  • Provide expertise in all areas of social-emotional learning including supporting students, teachers, the whole school, and family support.

  • Work with you to identify existing problems by looking at data and feedback from all major stakeholders. 

  • Initiate change by supporting implementation of new or improved systems and structures.

  • Train, coach, and support your teachers.

  • Help bridge the gap between teachers and administrators.

  • Create goals and a clear, customized action plan with measurable outcomes.

  • Help to create a safe, inclusive, and loving environment within your school community. 

Contact me today for a complimentary consultation. 

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