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Meet Katie Quick.

Katie Quick is an award winning singer/songwriter, teacher, life coach, mental health counselor, motivational speaker, and founder and Executive Director of The Fingertips Program, a nonprofit organization inspiring kids and teens to find their passion and follow their dreams. Katie uses her infectious energy to empower kids to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams without fear. Inspirational, genuine, strong and kind, Katie’s no-nonsense approach along with her warm and inviting presence allows her to easily and authentically connect to kids of all ages, races, and socio-economic backgrounds. Katie has worked with over 1 million kids since 2004, making her one of the most sought after speakers and performers in the Chicagoland area. Katie is the writer and producer of three award winning albums, including Be the Change, Valley Between Love, and Endless Road. She resides in Chicago and spends her days teaching Social-Emotional Learning in the Chicago Public Schools.