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Asking for Help is Hard: Do It Anyway

Part of loving ourselves is learning to ask for help when we need it. But why do so many of us insist on bearing the weight of our emotional burdens alone?

Do you fear that asking for help will make you look weak, fragile, or incapable? Or that admitting you don’t know what to do or how to do it will hurt your picture-perfect image?

I’m here to change that narrative.

Asking for help requires courage, therefore, asking for help makes you STRONG. It makes you smart. It makes you a super resourceful, emotionally intelligent, badass HUMAN.

We cannot go through life with our heads buried in the sand, pretending everything is great when it’s not. Remember, it’s okay to NOT be okay.

Now it’s time for the tough love: Stop with the hiding, the lying, and the “I’m trying to be strong” crap. It’s not strong - it’s bullshit.

I challenge you today to reach out for the help and support that you’ve been long avoiding. Send a text to your friend and tell them that you need to talk. Ask for that hug. Make an appointment with your therapist. Go to the meeting.

Remember, we all need help sometimes and we are in this together.

Are you avoiding asking for help? How can we best support you? Comment below and let’s help hold each other accountable.

Xo Katie Quick

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