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Be curious about your inner world.

Our inner world is a special place. It’s comprised of thoughts, feelings, motives and desires, and is the home of our internal compass and authentic selves.

It is also, unfortunately, the home of our pain. And even with all of the hidden wisdom just waiting to be discovered, we may avoid going within because it’s scary, it hurts, or maybe we just don’t know how.

I’d like to offer you two important and loving practices you can use today to learn more about your inner world: Non-judgemental Noticing and Compassionate Curiosity.

Non-judgemental noticing is simply paying attention and taking note of your inner experience without labeling it good or bad, but instead neutralizing it through the use of the word, “interesting.” For example:

Isn’t it interesting that when I look in the mirror I think hateful thoughts about myself."

Isn’t it interesting that I feel responsible for his happiness.”

Next, you’ll want to practice Compassionate Curiosity about those thoughts, like this:

I wonder why I think hateful thoughts about myself when I look in the mirror?”

I wonder why I feel responsible for his happiness?”

With time and consistency, this gentle curiosity will bring the answers up to the surface and into your conscious awareness where the healing truly begins.

What have you noticed in your inner world? Comment below.

Remember, we’re in this together.

Xo Katie Quick

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