• Katie Quick

Bullies are The Worst!

Bullies aren’t just on the school playground anymore. These adult-sized children are wreaking havoc in the workplace, within families and friend groups, and trolling the internet.

So what do we do when we have one of these close encounters of the shitty kind?

Pause. Breathe. Wait.

As much as you might want to go all “Regina George” on this little minion, I promise you that the alternative will be much sweeter.

Notice what’s happening in your body. Do you feel angry? Are you gearing up for a fight? If so, breathe through it. I can’t stress enough how important breathing is when dealing with a bully. Breathing will slow down your physiological fight or flight response and give you TIME in between what you are thinking about doing and what you ACTUALLY DO. (In other words- preventing you from straight up pummeling this person and going to jail.)

Remember, what the bully says or does has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU. Bullies are just people in pain, projecting their issues out onto an unsuspecting victim (YOU). They haven’t done The Work like you have. If they did, let’s be honest...they wouldn’t be running around like emotional terrorists, right?

Once you’ve taken some deep breaths, walked away, and calmed down, decide the best course of action. Sometimes, the best thing to do is ignore them. Sometimes, it’s saying, “You seem really angry. Is everything okay?” Other times it’s calling their ass out in a calm, clear, and confident way.

Either way, kill ‘em with kindness. Have compassion. Take the high road. Channel Michelle Obama. Nothing will piss off a bully more than to see you keep your cool.

Have you dealt with a bully? Share your stories below!

Xo Katie Quick

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