• Katie Quick

"Flowers grow back after the harshest winters. You will too."

It always amazes me how the seasons tend to reflect our inner worlds...especially winter. The snow, ice, wind and unforgiving temperatures come upon us every year without hesitation. Animals hibernate, flowers die and trees become barren. The shortened days, lack of sunlight and winter blues often mean being trapped indoors, stir crazy with cabin fever.

But this winter, of all the winters of my life, was the worst. It was a combination of getting my tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole, slipping on ice in front of a hundred laughing bullies, and getting hit by one of those evil snowballs with a rock hidden inside. It was getting snow plowed and knocked down so low, that I ended up in a darkness I never knew existed. This winter was an avalanche of emotions in a frozen tundra, and I got buried.

One day, when I’m ready, I’ll tell you more about this abominable season, driver of the snowplow and thrower of the rock-laden snowballs. But for now, it’s about standing up and looking forward. It’s about self-love and healing. It’s wrapping myself up in the warmth and comfort that winter promised but did not provide. It’s becoming the birds and the sun and the trees and the sweetest smelling breeze. It’s about Spring. And it is in the promise of this glorious new season and the melting snow that I find my hope and rebirth as I write the next chapter of my story.

Soon, winter will become a distant memory, and I will be the tulip peeking through the dirt. I will grow back, stronger, brighter, and more beautiful than ever. And guess what? You will, too.

Did you have a rough winter this year, too? What are you most looking forward to in this new season of your life? Comment below. Xo


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