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I Want to Do "The Work" (but what does that mean exactly?)

Ahh, The Work. This idea gets thrown around a lot by self-help experts and your most-liked inspirational Insta-celebs. But what does it actually mean??

Doing The Work (otherwise known as the emotional work) is all about taking intentional, measurable action steps toward greater self-awareness and ultimately, greater self-love.

It’s admitting to yourself that something needs to change. It’s asking for help. It’s observing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and noting what is not aligned with love, and finally, doing something about it.

This may be sitting down with your journal and writing about your inner experience. It may be making a list of potential therapists in your area and then committing to contacting them. It may be reading a new self-help book or checking out a high-vibe, educational podcast that gets you excited about healing. It may be apologizing to someone you have hurt and taking responsibility for making it right. It may simply be saying “it’s time.”

Whatever you decide to do, it’s important to note that doing real, tangible emotional Work is not easy. It takes you outside of your comfort zone and brings you face to face with the not-so-pretty parts of yourself. If it feels hard, it’s because it’s supposed to be.

Keep digging. Keep moving. Keep believing that on the other side of this rainbow, there is a pot of emotional fucking gold waiting just for you.

Let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

What is one way you can commit to doing The Work today? Comment below.

Xo Katie Quick

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