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Katie Quick provides dynamic coaching services online as well as on-site at your location. As a self-made entrepreneur, award-winning singer/songwriter, and founder and executive director of a successful nonprofit organization, Katie Quick understands how to turn BIG DREAMS into ACHIEVABLE GOALS. Her background in clinical mental health counseling gives her the ability to help you dive deep into the emotional blocks that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential. If you want to get clear on your passion and make your dream a reality, Katie Quick will provide the support and accountability you need.


She is an expert in:


  • Goal Setting - Creating goals and action steps that turn dreams into reality.

  • Increasing Your Self-Awareness 

  • Believing in Yourself

  • Understanding Your Emotions 

  • Finding Your Passion and Purpose

  • Perseverance and Overcoming Obstacles

  • Improving Your Communication 

  • Experiencing More Fulfillment 

  • Teacher Coaching and Support




  • Individuals - age 10 and up. 

  • Small Groups

  • Parents

  • Families 

  • Teachers

  • School Leaders

  • Artists/Musicians

  • Entrepreneurs