Teacher Group Coaching

Are you an educator who is feeling overwhelmed? Isolated? Stressed? Burned out? If so, you are not alone. In this one-of-a-kind, private group coaching program, your well-being, empowerment, and joy is my number one priority. Join me and receive the social and emotional support that you really need to keep you healthy, strong, and thriving - in and out of the classroom.


When you join the community, I will be your personal coach and point of contact. You'll receive bi-monthly group coaching sessions with other educators, access to our private Facebook community, and a monthly members newsletter all at a fraction of the cost of therapy. Most importantly, you'll be part of a safe and supportive community where you can openly and honestly share your thoughts, frustrations, and feelings with teachers, just like you. The program is affordable, accessible, and incredibly welcoming and supportive. I hope you will consider joining us! :) Our next cohort starts on February 3rd!! 



"Joining the group for coaching every week made this semester so much better. I'm really bad at self care, so having a commitment to do so really helped me take care of myself. I appreciated hearing from teachers from other districts and states, and there was a gift to being somewhat anonymous. Sharing my frustrations and triumphs with other teachers from around the world makes me feel less alone in my profession. 10/10 would recommend!" - B.H.

"Having a weekly meeting to focus on reflection, naming my feelings, and identifying what I needed to do to stay mentally healthy was so valuable. I need that accountability just like I need group exercise classes to keep me on track with fitness. Developing relationships with other educators helped me to not feel so alone in my stress. This support built up my capacity to be able to perform better at my job and be there for my family. Katie is incredibly empathetic, validates all feelings, and asks provocative questions to build my capacity to problem solve and figure out what works for me." - M.B.

"The hours I spent in the coaching sessions this fall were true hours of self-care, growth, understanding, and learning about myself. I benefited a lot from having someone, and often a group, care about what I had to share. I learned what I expected from others and recognized that I wasn't "crazy" for feeling like I didn't receive what I wanted and needed. I felt validated and supported and that was really an incredible feeling to get." - K.D. 

"It was really nice to take an hour, away from everything else, to just talk and listen to other teachers. I really enjoyed being able to talk with teachers in other states and even other countries. Too often, with coworkers, I feel like we get caught in a spiral of complaining. This group held space for us to vent, but also to talk with other teachers in different settings about their similar experiences or hear how they might handle a situation. I really enjoyed that everyone shared highs and positive shares, too. Katie is great at holding space for teachers and validating how we are feeling!" - A.M. 


"I was very grateful to have the opportunity to share my frustrations and struggles with Katie and with other teachers. Katie was empathetic and made the group a safe and comfortable venue in which to share."


-Carol S., teacher

Join us for our next cohort

February 3rd - May 26th, 2021

Bi-Monthly Wednesdays @ 7pm ET/4pm PST

Members Receive: 

Bi-monthly, virtual group coaching sessions with other educators

(9 sessions total) 

Access to the members-only Facebook group

Monthly members newsletter with tips and resources

Discounted rates for all additional coaching services & workshops

Session Dates:  February 3rd, 17th  |  March 3rd, 17th, 31st  |  April 14th, 28th  |  May 12th, 26th

Cost: $200

If you are a school or district interested in providing this service to your teachers, please contact us for pricing and more information.


and receive a FREE self-care resource!

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