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"You radiate... you're a natural performer and I applaud what you are doing." - Clive Davis, the Grammy award-winning producer and record executive who discovered Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, and more, celebrates Katie Quick's music and advocacy work live on the Katie Couric Show. 

From singing into a hairbrush in the bedroom of her southside Chicago childhood home, Katie Quick made her way into the spotlight as an award-winning singer/songwriter based in Denver, Colorado. She is a former classroom teacher, LGBTQ+ therapist, and national speaker who has been fiercely committed to using her music and platform to create change in underserved communities for the last two decades. Her highly anticipated new Americana/alt-country release is due in the Spring of 2023, influenced by her love of Brandi Carlile and Alanis Morissette, with a hints of the 70’s pop/rock stylings of Carole King, and a dash of Linda Ronstadt country. 


Katie spent the early part of her career achieving unprecedented success as a self-made independent artist in Nashville.Katie is the writer and producer of three, award-winning studio albums recorded in Nashville and has appeared on numerous television and radio stations across the globe, including ABC’s Katie Couric Show with Clive Davis. She made her Broadway debut in Rock of Ages and is winner of such prestigious awards as The John Lennon Songwriting Competition for her song "The Exit'' which gives hope to LGBTQ+ youth and Album of the Year nomination in the Independent Music Awards for her self-produced sophomore album, Valley Between Love. Katie is also the founder of the Fingertips Program, a social-emotional learning assembly turned curriculum, inspiring kids and teens to find their passion and follow their dreams. Since 2011, Fingertips has inspired nearly half a million students and teachers across the country.  

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