Katie Quick, MA, LPC (she/they) is an LGBTQ+ licensed counselor, award-winning singer/songwriter, former classroom teacher, advocate and national speaker with a Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University and over 18 years in urban education and mental health.

Katie is best known for aligning her music with her mental health and advocacy work. Her impressive independent music career has spanned more than two decades, recording in Nashville and touring nationwide. She is the writer and producer of three award-winning albums and has appeared on hundreds of media outlets across the country, including the Katie Couric Show featuring Clive Davis, and more. She is a fierce mental health advocate and a highly sought after expert in social-emotional learning, helping to cultivate safe, supportive, teacher-centered schools. In addition, Katie has a private therapy and coaching practice where she provides queer and gender affirming mental health support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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