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Katie Quick's new EP, Rhapsody, is out and ready to stream! Listen now on Spotify and Apple Music! Check out the Tour page and come see the Katie Quick Trio live!

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KQ is Coming to a school near you

Katie Quick is going back on tour with the Fingertips Program! If you're a school and want Katie to bring her unforgettable motivational live concert experience to your students, contact us today. Check out Katie talking to Katie Couric about Fingertips below (and hear record executive Clive Davis praise Katie's performance!) 


Katie Quick, MA, LPC (she/her) is a licensed professional counselor, life coach, award-winning singer/songwriter and former classroom teacher with a Masters in Counseling from Northwestern University and nearly two decades in education, mental health, and music. She is a proud Chicago native based in Denver, Colorado.


Katie Quick is best known for aligning her music with her advocacy work. Her impressive independent music career has spanned more than two decades, recording in Nashville and touring nationwide. She is the writer and producer of four award-winning albums and has appeared on hundreds of media outlets across the country, including the Katie Couric Show featuring Clive Davis and more. She is the author and creator of the Five Fingertips, a social-emotional learning program that began as a motivational live concert experience inspiring kids and teens to find their passion and follow their dreams, and has since expanded to include a restorative SEL curriculum. She is a fierce mental health advocate and a highly sought after expert in social-emotional learning, helping to cultivate safe, supportive, teacher-centered schools. In addition, Katie has a private coaching practice where she provides high level coaching support for those wanting to live the life of their wildest dreams. Katie's new EP, Rhapsody, released on June 2, 2023, is available now to stream on Spotify and Apple Music.

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