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Katie Quick is a Social-Emotional Learning Specialist, licensed counselor, former classroom teacher and national speaker with over 18 years in urban education and a passion for SEL and teacher advocacy. 


She helps schools transform with love by implementing equitable, inclusive, and compassionate SEL-based systems and structures that support the whole school community resulting in consistent, data-supported growth, even during a pandemic.

As a classroom teacher, Katie taught every grade level from preschool through 8th grade since 2005. She is an expert in restorative practices, trauma informed classrooms, and cultivating safe and supportive spaces for teachers. 

Whether you are looking for administrator coaching and support, professional development, consultation or a total culture and climate overhaul, Katie Quick has you covered.​ She also provides an SEL school assembly program for your students. Read more about Fingertips here!

Professional Development

Katie Quick is more than a speaker. She is an award-winning singer/songwriter and gifted presenter who has been captivating audiences for over two decades. Her professional development sessions have transformed schools with measurable growth, even during a pandemic. 

Raw, honest, and relatable, Katie is highly respected by her peers. With a background in clinical mental health counseling in addition to real classroom experience, she has an unprecedented amount of insight and expertise in the urban school setting.  As a seasoned motivational speaker and performer, Katie delivers relevant and engaging professional development training that makes a lasting impact. She is an expert in all aspects of social-emotional learning, teacher wellness, and classroom management and offers a plethora of training options to help teachers not only survive but thrive in the classroom setting.

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The Data

The data below represents growth from Katie Quick's partner schools, showing consistent increases in all areas of SEL after just ONE YEAR during the pandemic.  


  • 65% Decrease in Behavior Misconducts (Chicago Public Schools - Columbia Explorers Academy)

  • 17% Increase in Professional Learning about SEL (Adams 12 School District - Westview Elementary)

  • Additional increases in the following areas:

    • Teacher and Student Relationships

    • Student Growth Mindset

    • Teacher Self-Reflection 

    • Positive School Climate for both Teachers and Students

    • Psychological Safety for Students

    • Sense of Belonging for Students

    • Faculty Growth Mindset 

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School Transformation Program

In schools across America, there is a major disconnect between teachers and administrators, causing a lack of trust, disintegration of school culture and climate, burnout, as well as a high rate of teacher turnover. The loss of teachers is costing districts millions of dollars each year, in addition to negatively impacting the growth and development of our students and school communities. The time for change is now.


Katie Quick has created the first-ever, teacher-centered school transformation program that aims to improve retention, build relationships, boost morale, and create an emotionally safe school environment built on trust, love, and belonging.


This year-long program is rooted in self-reflection, administrator coaching and support, community building and other important social and emotional skills that help schools transform with love. By amplifying teacher voices and providing opportunity for reflection, sharing, and connection, we are not only able to bridge the widening gap between administrators and their staff, but also help create a sustainable foundation where the entire school community can thrive.

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